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Baddegai has been awarded the Gold Award for its green tourism credentials


Green Policy

Designed for sustainable tourism

At Baddegai we are committed to providing a good quality service whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities.You will stay at a house designed for sustainable tourism, featuring central heating run by an air source heat pump.

Green Tourism Business Scheme

As part of this commitment we are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme which provides accreditation and encouragement for tourism businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. By promoting sustainable practices the scheme will help ensure the continued enjoyment of the environment around us for future generations.

At Baddegai we encourage guests to consider their environmental impact and where possible to –

  • Use the separate bins provided for glass & plastic bottles, cansand paper.
  • Use recycled paper products.
  • Support the local food producers / restaurants in the area.
  • Use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products that are provided.
  • Leave hazardous waste such as batteries with us for safe disposal at our local recycling centre.

At Baddegai, where possible,

  • We supply environmentally friendly washing products and cleaning materials for our guests use.
  • We use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products in our own cleaning routine.
  • Cardboard, newspapers, cans, glass and plastic bottles are taken to Council Recycling Centre.
  • Low energy light bulbs are used where possible and we shall replace all bulbs with them when they need replacing.
  • Almost all our appliances are A rated and we shall buy A rated appliances when old ones need replacing.
  • All gardening is pesticide free and we aim to encourage beneficial insects.
  • We encourage sustainable tourism by provision for walkers and cyclists and extensive information on low impact activities and encourage our visitors to follow the Sustainable Tourism Visitor code.
  • We encourage our guests to support local producers, pubs, restaurants and cafes and we promote local tourist attractions and events.
  • We welcome, support, participation, and suggestions from you our customers as to how we can improve our environmental policy and protect the environment and increase the enjoyment of your stay.